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About Us

Discover the timeless legacy of compassionate care at Blue Cross Pet Hospital, a beacon of excellence in veterinary services that has graced the vibrant streets of San Francisco since the early 1920s! Nestled just moments away from the picturesque allure of Alamo Square Park, our esteemed clinic stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and expertise.

Founded by the esteemed Dr. J. Krom, Blue Cross Pet Hospital has evolved in tandem with the dynamic growth of San Francisco itself. Throughout its storied history, our halls have echoed with the expertise of renowned veterinarians such as Dr. H. Creely, Dr. M. Simmons, Dr. D. Strohauer, and Dr. Sherman Wong, each contributing to the rich tapestry of care and compassion woven within our walls.

Today, the esteemed tradition of excellence continues under the compassionate stewardship of Dr. Wonjae Lee, a paragon of veterinary medicine in our beloved city. With a wealth of experience spanning decades and a gentle, nurturing touch, Dr. Lee remains steadfast in providing unparalleled care to the cherished pets and families of San Francisco.

At Blue Cross Pet Hospital, your pet's well-being is not just our priority—it's our passion. Trust in us to deliver the pinnacle of veterinary medicine, where every furry friend is treated with the utmost respect, compassion, and expertise. Welcome to a legacy of care, welcome to Blue Cross Pet Hospital.

About Us